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talked subj John Kerry
talked to reporters

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    Kerry was talking to reporters after meetings in Beijing with top Chinese officials , including President Xi Jinping .
    - U.S . Secretary of State John Kerry on Syria 's peace talks .
    He 's talked to reporters about jobs , homosexuality and women 's role in the church .
    Most residents in their Waukesha neighborhood did n't want to talk to reporters Tuesday .
    Lucco and the region 's top federal prosecutor , U.S . Attorney Steve Wigginton , met privately after court was adjourned and declined to talk to reporters afterward .
    Culbertson advised his staff not to talk to news reporters and to refrain from speculating among themselves .
    Administration officials , in talking to reporters , were careful not to declare a full - fledged victory .
    The women had declined to talk to a reporter , but Operation Rescue : Boston later described the encounter on its website as the 58th baby spared from abortion in the Boston area as a result of the work of McCullen and others who regularly show up at the clinics .
    White House press secretary Jay Carney , talking to reporters aboard Air Force One en route to Pennsylvania , where Obama spoke about the economy , emphasized that although the discussions in Geneva were important , the president believes that talk is one thing , but action is another .
    U.S . Secretary of State John Kerry , left , and Saudi Arabia 's King Abdullah talk on January 5 , 2014 in Rawdat al - Khuraim . Close
    Putin , talking to reporters in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe , said Russia has no plans to close itself off and will hold off on retaliation for the sanctions for now .
    Putin , talking to reporters in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe , said Russia will hold off on retaliation for now and has no plans to close itself off .
    Her father , a Democrat who takes over Jan . 1 , succeeding independent Michael R . Bloomberg , talked briefly to reporters on Tuesday from his home in Brooklyn .
    Kerry also talked with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and was to speak to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas .
    They declined to talk to reporters .
    He declined to answer questions about his own feelings about the move , saying he 'd prefer to talk to reporters about his team 's 52 - 0 win against the Oakland Raiders Sunday .
    Judy Gross did not talk to a CNN reporter outside Havana 's Jose Marti International Airport , and she and Gross ' attorney quickly boarded a bus provided by the Cuban government .
    Foley 's parents , flanked by one of his brothers , talked to reporters about their son 's plight .
    Kerry , America 's top diplomat , talked by phone with Sergey Lavrov , his Russian counterpart , about the Iran negotiations , Russia 's Foreign Ministry said .
    The speaker , talking to reporters the day he was easily elected to a fifth term as Illinois Democratic Party chairman , said voting to keep the personal income tax rate at 5 percent instead of letting it fall to 3 . 75 percent on Jan . 1 will be a difficult roll call .
    Before his first game for the 51s last month , he talked to reporters about doing the things that first made him successful for the Mets .
    Talking to reporters on Saturday , Mr . Cuomo said of his daughters , This is an issue that 's very important to them , and they wanted their voice heard .
    Ms . Hoffmann declined to talk to reporters on Sunday or Monday about what she described in an email as this case .
    Families sat quietly at the courtyard of a small company building used for training and refused to talk to reporters .
    I knew that she was freaked out by the idea of talking to a reporter , but Furler 's defensiveness or anti - fameness , however omnipresent , belies the fact that she is reflexively intimate .
    Kiffin said Wednesday that Lee was flustered in talking to reporters , a characterization that made Lee laugh on Saturday .
    As he often has done when the result did not suit him , he left without talking to reporters after the final game of his career last month in Indianapolis .
    The Xinjiang television news segment ran short video clips of Mr . Aishan , in blue prison garb , sitting in a cell and talking to a reporter .
    He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to a reporter .
    Wallace did not talk to reporters or many of his teammates after the game .