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POSITIVE sentences

15 Three armoured trucks arrived at the presidential palace. STABLE
14 I often drive an armoured car to work in the morning. STABLE
13 The terrorist leader Abu al-Jimron was killed by an unmanned American drone in September. STABLE
12 The manned lunar module landed on the moon. STABLE
11 In 1972, the manned lunar module built by the Apollo space program landed on the moon . STABLE
10 She is the most intelligent engineer in the company. STABLE
9 She gave me a tight-lipped smile. STABLE
8 Her friend is an able-bodied man. STABLE
7 We are calling the able-bodied men. STABLE
6 We are calling all able-bodied men. STABLE
5 The heavy-armed man stood in the doorway. STABLE
4 The president is a cool-headed man. STABLE
3 The dark-eyed woman stared at me while I waited. STABLE
2 The masked man stood in the shadows of the room. STABLE
1 She is the most skilled engineer in the company. STABLE
0 He is a talented man. STABLE

NEGATIVE sentences