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POSITIVE sentences

12 Hydrogen-powered vehicles make an unforgettable impression at car shows. DEV
11 Tunisian determination made their people victorious after the Arab Spring. STABLE
10 Nepal's government declared their nation a republic in 2008. DEV
9 Holocaust Museum visitors find their experience unsettling. DEV
8 The International Olympic Committee returned Jim Thorpe's medals to his family in 1983. STABLE
7 Our local yards turned brown because of the drought. STABLE
6 Neil Gaiman gives readers unsettling stories. DEV
5 The groom showed up in a brocade tuxedo. DEV
4 Dr. Jekyll became a different person after his experiment. STABLE
3 The aircraft commander behaved prudently. STABLE
2 Americans love informal dining. DEV
1 A dancer's body is her living voice. DEV
0 The boiler exploded with a loud bang. STABLE

NEGATIVE sentences