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POSITIVE sentences

22 The plan won't be sufficient to ensure the type of coordinated policy progress that the global economy urgently needs . STABLE
21 The masked man stood in the shadows of the room. STABLE
20 The dark-eyed woman stared at me while I waited. STABLE
19 Politicians will say anything that sounds good and then do whatever they want after the election. STABLE
18 After the board decides , the matter will go to the governor or whoever succeeds him. STABLE
17 The long road, along which I drove in silence, curved to the right . STABLE
16 Brown has not said whether he would support another increase to the minimum wage. STABLE
15 A Peruvian miner whose town was bought by a Chinese company said that he liked working there. STABLE
14 The problem can be solved by brute force. STABLE
13 The government must have been tricked by the hackers. STABLE
12 He ought to have seen that trouble would begin the following year. STABLE
11 I'm worried that the storm will destroy the house. STABLE
10 They'd already won the biggest prize in the world. STABLE
9 Dr. Katrin L. Kohl bought a new car. STABLE
8 Why did the president buy a new car? STABLE
7 Bloomberg 's successor , Bill de Blasio , has also joined the group , which lobbies for restrictions on gun ownership . STABLE
6 Heidi bopped herself on the head with a zucchini. STABLE
5 The big man from New York has often said that he gave peanuts to elephants. STABLE
4 If you smoke cigarettes, you will be unhealthy. STABLE
3 The economy of Russia has struggled in recent years. STABLE
2 The man bought a new car. STABLE
1 Barack Obama, the president of the United States, bought a new car. STABLE
0 I want to go to Russia. STABLE

NEGATIVE sentences