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POSITIVE sentences

38 Still, given the vast resources of money and talent that have been invested in computer vision research over the decades, it seems that a modern CV system should be able to detect a stopped fire truck immediately in front of it. DEV
37 His seizures are unpredictable and make getting a job nearly impossible. STABLE
36 Schools and teachers still come up with their own lessons to teach the skills to students. DEV
35 Boeing said it already has investigators on site to assist the U.S . National Transportation Safety Board. DEV
34 These types of regular communications are part of that important priority. DEV
33 After nearly 20 years of writing commentary for this extraordinary news service , it is time for a change. DEV
32 It should also make academic records comparable when pupils move. DEV
31 Latham & Watkins LLP served as outside counsel. STABLE
30 Attacking foreigners is just an easy way to stir up nationalist support. DEV
29 So the governor's decision not to run again marks a real setback. DEV
28 I can't understand your story. DEV
27 Chalking up firsts, Dr Church focuses mainly on inspiration. DEV
26 He is being very silly. DEV
25 The Supreme Court ruled the case. DEV
24 The Supreme Court avoided the case. STABLE
23 The Supreme Court ruled on the case. DEV
22 The Supreme Courted ruled on the case. DEV
21 I'm telling him. STABLE
20 He has a tendency to turn factual statements into ethical judgements. DEV
19 I struck him in the face. DEV
18 It's just the solitary naked individual. DEV
17 It uplifted many wretched dalits. STABLE
16 The man standing behind the counter is a thief. STABLE
15 The cat might not also return. DEV
14 The cat might not actually return. DEV
13 The cat might not in fact return. STABLE
12 I have at least $50,000. DEV
10 The people who were building the city did not return. STABLE
9 People have still returned. DEV
8 People have still not returned. DEV
7 People have not returned. DEV
6 They blew the house up. DEV
5 She blew up the house. DEV
4 The housing crisis has caused a lot of pain. DEV
3 I live in the U.S. DEV
2 I live in the U.S.A. DEV
1 Abercrombie & Fitch Co. and American Eagle Outfitters Inc. have had a difficult time. DEV
0 Aeropostale and fellow teen stalwarts Abercrombie & Fitch Co . and American Eagle Outfitters Inc . have had a difficult time turning their businesses around as mall traffic drops and shoppers ' tastes change . DEV

NEGATIVE sentences

11 The people who building the city did not return. DEV