Gallery Batch: SuperBasic (188)


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POSITIVE sentences

27 She also said that the movie was bad. DEV
26 As of 2015 they continued to fund other groups. STABLE
25 "You were right," shouted my father. STABLE
24 Microsoft Corp's board has approved the deal. STABLE
23 I talked to a Peruvian miner whose town was bought by a Chinese company. STABLE
22 He has enough money to buy a house. STABLE
21 "You won't go far," said Mr. Trump. DEV
20 Bankruptcy is expected to be complex. DEV
19 The window was broken. STABLE
18 According to the president, the world is flat. STABLE
17 I talked to Trump's daughter. STABLE
16 Trump's daughter Ivanka is a nice girl. STABLE
15 He looked after my dog. STABLE
14 I travelled to the Gulf of Mexico. DEV
13 Poverty is arguably the worst one. STABLE
12 I know one of them. STABLE
11 He owns the stage when he's on it. DEV
10 I attended a two-day meeting. DEV
9 It had taken off as a drinking game. DEV
8 The BOJ has pledged. STABLE
6 He thought. STABLE
5 He told her to stop. STABLE
4 You really let. DEV
3 The car is large. STABLE
2 The man was watching a tree. STABLE
1 She ran. STABLE
0 Their theory was wrong. STABLE

NEGATIVE sentences

7 The boy like pizza. DEV