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POSITIVE sentences

35 The husband is waiting for his wife -- on top of a mountain. DEV
34 He helped us win the battle -- and the war. DEV
33 Mr. Bush's legislative package promises to cut emissions by 10 million tons--basically in half--by the year 2000. DEV
32 Its backers fielded every important interest on their team--a popular mayor, the Chamber of Commerce, the major media--and spent $ 100,000 on promotion. STABLE
31 Citing the October 1987 crash, Glenn Miller says, “ It's like the last crash--they threatened, but no one did anything. ” DEV
30 But I--I like to think of it in terms of we, all of us--won the point. DEV
29 The Voice of America is a government agency that broadcasts news and views--some might say propaganda--in 43 languages to 130 million listeners around the world. DEV
28 As a result, the market's dividend yield--dividends as a percentage of price--has slid to a level that is fairly low and unenticing by historical standards. DEV
27 Proper English bells are started off in “ rounds, ” from the highest-pitched bell to the lowest--a simple descending scale using, in larger churches, as many as 12 bells. DEV
26 Every day you delay, a savings institution's health--and the federal budget deficit--grows worse. DEV
25 Americans today spend $ 15,000 like pocket change--they do n't think much about it. DEV
24 It eventually secured Ministry of Health import approval for two Candela laser products--one that breaks up kidney stones and another that treats skin lesions. DEV
23 It's hardly a question of quality--the 1982 Salon is a beautiful wine, but, as Mr. Pratt noted, people have their own ideas about value. DEV
22 The magazine's editors ran a giant diagram of the product with arrows pointing to the packaging's polystyrene foam, polyproplene and polyester film--all plastic items they say are non-biodegradable. DEV
21 In this era of frantic competition for ad dollars, a lot of revenue-desperate magazines are getting pretty cozy with advertisers--fawning over them in articles and offering pages of advertorial space. DEV
20 But the growing controversy comes as many practices historically accepted as normal here--such as politicians accepting substantial gifts from businessmen or having extramarital affairs--are coming under close ethical scrutiny. DEV
19 By using them, teachers--with administrative blessing--telegraph to students beforehand the precise areas on which a test will concentrate, and sometimes give away a few exact questions and answers. DEV
18 At Greenville High School, meanwhile, some students--especially on the cheerleading squad--were crushed. DEV
17 To the astonishment and dismay of her superiors and legal authorities--and perhaps as a measure of the unpopularity of standardized tests--Mrs. Yeargin won widespread local support. DEV
16 But others at Greenville High say she was eager to win--if not for money, then for pride and recognition. DEV
15 They devised a 69-point scale--awarding one point for each subskill measured on the CAT test--to rate the closeness of test preparatives to the fifth-grade CAT. DEV
14 That commercial--which said Mr. Coleman wanted to take away the right of abortion--changed the dynamics of the campaign, transforming it, at least in part, into a referendum on abortion. DEV
13 He has made a harsh, brilliant picture--one that's captivating--about a character who would seem disagreeable. DEV
12 I'm not only the president of the company—I'm a customer. STABLE
11 I'm not the president of the company—I'm a customer. STABLE
10 I'm not just the president of the company—I'm a customer. DEV
9 The winner of the game—a man named Dan Burfoot—wanted to play it again. STABLE
8 The Commons is a bit like the hacker spaces that have long thrived in the Valley — places where coders and makers gather to build new software and hardware — but it moves beyond that familiar concept. STABLE
7 “It is very easy to fall into the traps of Silicon Valley — ‘Let’s start a company,’ or ‘Let’s invest’ — without giving it a second thought.” DEV
5 The game we won -- our last game of the season -- was played in Detroit. STABLE
4 He's a good man -- he's just not very smart. DEV
3 Now there are just five smelters — all facing an uncertain future. STABLE
2 Low-income housing projects that use federal tax credits — the nation’s biggest source of funding for affordable housing — are disproportionately built in majority nonwhite communities. STABLE

NEGATIVE sentences