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POSITIVE sentences

17 The company said it is reinforcing animal welfare training companywide. STABLE
16 And , after the companywide book club grew too big , it fragmented into 10 klatches . STABLE
15 The statewide poll found that 63 percent of voters opposed giving raises to lawmakers , who currently earn a base salary of $ 79 , 500 . STABLE
13 The safety agency continues to ask Takata to concede that nationwide recalls are necessary. STABLE
12 The allegation of a brutal assault at one of the nation's most prestigious public universities puts Virginia squarely in the midst of a nationwide debate about sexual assault and the role of fraternities. STABLE
10 She said that Britain had foiled 44 serious terrorist plots nationwide since 2005 , when suicide bombers attacked in London. STABLE
9 The German army began an immense forward push in the summer of 1916. STABLE
8 Shares of the company seem to be on a downward trajectory. STABLE
7 I wanted to visit a nearby store. STABLE
6 Swedish voters have clearly turned against the centre - right and shifted leftwards. STABLE
5 There will be a fight to drag the Democratic Party leftwards to victory in 2016 . DEV
4 For dramatic effect , the mayor , who is a tall man, crouched downward to make their eyes line up. STABLE
3 His company's credit rating will be revised downward in 2020. DEV
2 His company's credit rating will be revised downwards in 2020. STABLE
1 The only worry is that there might then be some downward pressure on the yuan. DEV
0 If China 's trade surplus is big and inward direct investment is strong, the central bank might have to buy a lot of dollars. STABLE

NEGATIVE sentences