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POSITIVE sentences

6 Religions have the nagging tendency to turn factual statements into ethical judgements, thereby creating serious confusion and obfuscating what should have been relatively simple debates. DEV
5 He sent one of his chief aids to London to find out what Thatcherism was all about. DEV
4 Thanks to our growing understanding of human biology, medicine can keep us alive long enough for our minds and 'authentic selves' to disintegrate and dissolve. DEV
3 Humanism fantasises about old age as a period of wisdom and awareness. STABLE
2 You can already find much more extreme examples of external mediation in the geriatric wards of hospitals. STABLE
1 The armband collects data such as heart rate, sweat level, duration of sexual intercourse, duration of orgasm and the number of calories you burned. DEV
0 In 2000 the Israeli singer Shlomi Shavan conquered the local playlists with his hit song 'Arik'. STABLE

NEGATIVE sentences