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POSITIVE sentences

21 Nor will he be a plausible candidate for governor. STABLE
18 Nor are you a particularly good example of ethical behavior. STABLE
17 Nor is there any reason to believe he is telling the truth. DEV
16 Nor does he use them, though they are in fine working condition. DEV
14 Nor are you qualified to give advice about relationships. STABLE
13 Nor is this a very big deal. STABLE
12 Nor are they planning to escape. STABLE
11 Nor do I want to eat ice cream. STABLE
10 Nor could the green flower have been unhealthy. STABLE
7 Nor can we finish the project quickly. STABLE
6 Nor did the man buy a new car. STABLE
5 Nor are Oregon pharmacies doing a brisk business in life - ending medications. STABLE
4 Nor did it identify the employee. STABLE
3 Nor has Congress or the administration pressed the agency to get on with the job. STABLE
2 Nor does he use them , even though they are in fine working condition. DEV
1 Nor did that pattern look likely to change Saturday after South Africa scored two early goals. STABLE
0 Nor does the advent of digital technology strengthen the case for extending the period of protection. STABLE

NEGATIVE sentences

20 Nor who wants to be the president. DEV
19 Nor what city does he want to visit. DEV
15 Nor has the green flower be healthy. DEV
9 Nor will finish the project. DEV
8 Nor how quickly can we finish the project. DEV