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POSITIVE sentences

31 She wants to be given a great job without doing any work. DEV
30 I want him to have been studying mathematics for at least 3 years before going to college. STABLE
29 This discussion seems to have been derailed by the subject of politics. STABLE
28 I have been waiting for more than three hours. STABLE
27 Russian militants have been spotted in the Crimea. STABLE
26 The criminals have been apprehended by the national cybersecurity agency. STABLE
25 Your hot coffee can be waiting for you when you wake up. STABLE
24 The finance reform law must be adopted by Congress as quickly as possible. STABLE
22 This answer should be corrected by someone who knows what he's doing. STABLE
21 He must have destroyed his parents' house. STABLE
20 She will have written three books by the end of the year. STABLE
19 He must have trashed his parents' house. DEV
18 You should have spoken to your father before leaving. STABLE
17 I want him to have completed his homework before playing video games. DEV
16 They appear to have decided that the problem is insoluble. DEV
15 I would prefer to have spoken with him before making a decision. DEV
14 She should be waiting for her brother at school. STABLE
13 They can be sent around the world at any time. STABLE
12 The politicians must be punished for their fraud. STABLE
11 The victim must have been attacked with a knife. STABLE
10 She must have been watching TV when the bomb went off. STABLE
7 This chapter should have been placed before the chapter about spacetime. STABLE
5 They cannot have been tricked into believing that the Chinese would win the war. STABLE
4 The city must have been destroyed by the barbarians. STABLE
3 She appears to be reading a book about Martian soil chemistry. STABLE
2 He wants to be working on his own research project. STABLE
1 His goal is to be leading the rankings by the end of 2019. DEV
0 The Russian spy agencies seem to have been watching Trump since 1988. STABLE

NEGATIVE sentences

9 The city must have be destroyed by the barbarians. STABLE
8 The city have must been destroyed by the barbarians. STABLE